Art to Think With

A digest of projects co-organized by Elizabeth Adams


Julie and Elizabeth's Anti-Capitalist Concert Series encourages musicians and audiences to connect musical affect to their political desires. Besides programming and commissioning political new music relating to a theme, these concerts experiment with format, extra musical content, and discussion. Recent themes have included Income Inequality, EcoSocialism, and Wage Labor.

Free University NYC has hosted over 25 radical, horizontal, public education pop-ups centered on the socio-political challenges of our time. Events are designed to promote accessibility, intersectionality, movement building, and cross fertilization. Elizabeth participated in the inaugural May Day Free U in 2012, which was organized by the Education Working Group of Occupy Wall Street, and has been involved in organizing since then. Recent themes have included Decolonize Climate Justice (in the run up to the Climate March), Radical Futures, and Cultures of Accountability.

The School for Designing a Society is a project of artists, activists, and teachers, that draws from the arts, systems- and critical theory, and the writings of Herbert Brün to help participants imagine and design projects in the service of their desired society. Elizabeth arrived as a student in 2005, and has been teaching since 2010.

Designing Societies: A Social Change Guide for Everyone is a book being co-written by Elizabeth and Danielle Chynoweth. At this time of collapse of empire and ecology, the book answers the question, "How do small groups of people instigate big change toward a more just and desirable society for everyone?" Pulling together the power of art, feminism, racial justice, ecology, urban planning, systems theory, communications, and social work, the approach outlined in the book has been used to grow hundreds of successful projects internationally. Rather than arguing for a particular path forward, this book offers a process for designing the many paths forward our survival and thriving require.

Songlines, a project co-organized with the Orfeo Duo, seeks to map a neighborhood in song through public song writing workshops and singing parades. Participants are invited to compose songs about their favorite blocks, whether in the past, present, or a desired future. Organizers help participants notate these songs, and convene singing walking tours of the neighborhood, as seen and sung by its inhabitants. So far, over 60 blocks around Morningside Heights have been mapped this way. Songlines aims to render the neighborhood more beloved, by eliciting and performing the perspectives and creativity of its inhabitants.




July 1st - 22nd The School for Designing a Society Summer Session II
Gesundheit Institute, Hillsboro, WV Saturday April 28th at 7pm Erdman Common Room, Bryn Mawr College Julie & Elizabeth's Anti-Capitalist Concert #5: EcoSocialism Co-Sponsored by Bi-Co Anti-Capitalists and the Doolittle Fund Martha Cargo, flutes / Vita Wallace, violin / Rick Quanz, viola / Talia Dicker, cello Rafter Sass Ferguson on Liberation Ecology Saturday March 17th at 7pm at Opera America Julie & Elizabeth's Anti-Capitalist Concert #6: Wage Labor combines new music, political economy, & discussion Oran Fader, guitar / Christa Van Alstine, clarinets / Andy Kozar, trumpet / Jen Baker, trombone Friday January 19th at 9pm at Spectrum (new location) Teodora Stepančić and Lucie Vítková premiered False Equivalence for piano & accordion on Teodora's series, Piano+ Saturday January 13th, 12-7 PM at Mayday Space, Free University hosts Radical Futures Free School


Friday May 19th at The DiMenna Center Collide-O-Scope Music presents Fireflies, an evening-length mixed media collaboration between Chris Bailey, Chris Burns, Lou Bunk, Elizabeth Hoffman & Elizabeth Adams responding to readings by Dorota Czerner Richardson with video by Russell Craig Richardon Sunday April 16th at The DiMenna Center Collide-O-Scope Music performs Three Wealth Distributions, for flute, violin, cello, piano on a program with Roberto Sierra and Lou Bunk  
Thursday February 16th 2017 at Willow Place Auditorium S.E.M reads my quartet Three Wealth Distributions for flute, violin, cello, percussion Sunday February 5th
at Spectrum
Jen Baker and Will Lang, trombones, play my duo
Alter Filter
at the release party for Jen's fantastic book Hooked On Multiphonics


December 15 Indexical and Ghost Ensemble Let haze help you hear you hear us for flute, oboe, viola, cello, bass, harp, accordion, and percussion The Invisible Dog 51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn NY 11201 October 29 Julie and Elizabeth's Anti-Capitalist Concert #5: Ecology and Socialism Performances of Rasp Scours Gleam and Flute Song Tenri Cultural Institute 43a West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011